by Cameron Butler

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A year and change after my first album "Broke", this is my sophomore album entitled "Bootleg." Enjoy.


released December 1, 2015

I want to thank God, first and foremost because I DID NOT and CANNOT create music without the help of the highest of all high. I want to thank all of the producers who helped me put together this project as well. Without their unique touch, this album wouldn't be a diverse as I would've preferred it to be. I have a lot of people to thank and they know who they are because they provided the inspiration for this album but for everyone who likes to read the credits, don't give up. Your worth is way more than you may believe it to be, shine bright and stay blessed. God is love, and love is power.

suprchnk [Produced Gamebreaker 2]:

DooF [Featured Artist]:

ROBBIE [Featured Artist, produced the first beat in Tatu]:

Wonge [Featured Artist, produced Wicked]:

Koncept Jack$on [Featured Artist]:

IIVSD [Produced third beat on Tatu]:

Deadxbeat[Produced Black Timbs]:



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Cameron Butler Concord, North Carolina

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Track Name: Iso (Intro)
Bootleg Intro

fed into my heart and mind and let the other shit go,

sick as syphilis and pimples grown on swole lymph nodes

life in no definite direction is quite intriguing,

so i tend to write despite knowing I'll leave the mic leaking,

niggas saying cam you changed up,

same niggas using old formulas go bankrupt,

splash on a track brash with no type of boundaries,

I'm bound to see only my fam friends and cash surrounding me,

living in the south I see niggas ain't about it b,

they'd rather talk dreams sit around and blow a pound of trees,

now they peep the alchemy within my sounds and pouncing beats,

so local rappers saddened and went to rounds of counseling

mostly solo when I'm roaming in the public,

or with my girl or friends mad distant from the fuck shit,

mess around get stuck quick with a left jab,

move with no rush when I'm heading to my next class,

can't test em, the man the best with his penmanship,

reckless when he's wrecking the records, repping the restless clique,
Track Name: Inglorious

we only chasing for the fetti,

not worried bout fuck nigga,

only green buck figures,

attracted to adding commas with the karma we got from pondering tracks,

been 100, never fond of the wack,

to be honest, im a fucking starving

artist full of hatred for the basic,

and I stay spacious from fake shit,

aint with trends or your shoes, my vans laced when i pace streets,

play this and embrace heated

layers in my great speech,

gimme cheese but im not fucking with the rats,

spit over slug beats drug substance in the rap,

shit is potent, get a dosage of the dopeness,

smoke from the lips, soul froze,

im like a cold spliff,

allergic to catfish chicks,

catch headaches from the smell when niggas pass that shit,


sonically its obvious that this the pinnacle,

lifted from the pit of fools, tryna equip residuals,

weight on a plank but a nigga not walking,

if you spouting bullshit it's prompt you should stop talking,

im forming hits while the homies keep the torch lit,

importing beats as i scorch em and morph it,

you ought be a morphine fiend now,

they dont want beef with me b, do you see cows,

when im quiet theres a riot in my head,

cant deny i decided to just write out instead

stupid fire when i scribe it,

never subsided,

you just tough liar,

i call bluffs and try em,

like a sample, i dismantle joints and get it amputate it,

can't wait for the day that i say damn i made it,

on momma dukes, im not a fluke,

kinda cruel but dropping jewels, conscious like who's stopping you,

started trusted my gut though,

strut slow, cut throat flow, bodies afloat,

utmost local pro, gold what i sweat,

bold with the text, scold for the check,

goat the bro be, lowkey,

we the best,

like a khaled cosign,

slick ease with the letters,

my nigga this the zone of no flexing,

not interested tell ya hoe don't text me,

so vexing with the questions, if you not starving with us,

nah you can't share our breakfast,

or lunch or supper,

you a sucker,

crisp with it,

yous a joker,

Like chris tucker
Track Name: Waycelandz (Feat. DooF)

nollie shuv on the block,

in the lot,

whipping in the pots crack,

got ya bop to jack cock,

rappers sad got the pads locked

lodged in their crotch,

dodge wackness,

you rad not,

we mad hot,

popping, like the corn hopping in the waves,

the lames stay micro,

emit flame psycho,

mane the brain straight pyro,

cane spitter,

fameless and hate Twitter,

spanking with swank,

breaking the bank,

chasing checks,

collecting respect,

check this the set speckless,

bayce repping,

never placed second,

greatest we break crevices,

still scum with drums,

plunge bums, they succumbed

to the funk, no rubbish,

associate of inappropriate flows,

so dope, the coke in ya nose,

golden the bro is, so

the hoes know

no boastin


colder than the poconos,

overdose on grossness limitless the growth is,

Track Name: Gamebreaker 2
Gamebreaker V2

maneuver smooth with the stealth of cats,

never sell or dealt the wack,

step to hells welcome mat,

expel the swellest written raps,

satan caught a fever

hunnit Fahrenheit,

bearer of the mic,

spit swearing sentences they like,

kick raps like the art of martial,

depart with Martians,

an artist starving,

sparring the bars with cars and hard shit,

til my soul scolding at the golden gates,

judge quick to close the case,

only cuz he know that the flow is ape,

can't control the bro, it's great,

the g.o.a.t no debate, stop the crap,

his crop is top notch,

dope like the pots lit,

declare your favorite rappers track

as posthumous,

nigga, squad wilding like flocka in a moshpit,

we playing no games,

not close to fucking with a scrimmage,

never skimping for the skrilla,

got these weak niggas livid,

drowning livers with some liquor

can't cope with his wave,

rather be solo than catching hoes for the save,


simple synonym for him, a needle in a haystack,

pushing for a degree so I care where my grades at,

all the bullshit in life I learned not to take that,

my course unsteady no pressure son im laid back,

embrace the ace that's beast as bape camouflage,

grammar partially odd but still flowing like the amazon,

too cool when he spew the jewels,

come and scoop a few,

breath look like a hookah tube,

or a dragon,

smoke from the gums, how he still sober,

I wonder also, just pray for me like a wounded soldier,

jotting down my next move, but still losing focus,

put it in rhymes, fiends line up for his groovy opus,

take a tab of this, acidic raps to wrap a drum,

rather happy, acting glum, my friends think puffing grass is fun,

refrain from it all, keep my distance from the drugs and shit,

crush these cockroaches, bloody thumb from the bugs I squished,
Track Name: Black Timbs
They can't cope with his focus,
Poaching the slow poke jokers, most dopest
Smokeless, with the tunes the coon's pooping,
ruthless, no stooping to the known stupid bros

Scooping doo doo rappers, lupus lyrics, doomed your crap is,
Fool to masses, schooling jackers, casting ghoulish laughter
Who cares what your crew wears,
we kick cruel stares, skate, and groove over new snares

Deadxbeat sent the heat though,
Beast of the east coast, most peeps is sleep? Oh
Whatever yo, steady with the letter chokehold
Host of the cold flows, the most loco local,

Mostly low when the promo is in slow mo,
Still roasting, get a whiff of this piff potion
Disposed of those avid back stabbers,
Trash em by the masses, kicking all average asses

Assert his worth to earth, absurd?
You can kiss curbs or lick dirt,
he slip herb into the slick words,
Not a fan of those who throw shade, usually the most lame
Hate cuz they know this cocaine

Scattered raps, raddest chatter, matter he does,
Never seen a teen as clean as me you can speak of, eureka,
Sneak dissers and leech niggas meet defeat quicker
Give em jitters, hip to quitting, spitting kin to rivers

It's the sticky rap arachnid,
Racking hits, get ya shit smashed by some black timbs,
It's the sticky rap arachnid,
Rack hits, get ya shit smashed by some black timbs
Track Name: Castro/Wicked (Feat. Wonge)

Suspend those pretend, their heads will end up in a frenzy,

bend pens til i spend ten for mental cleansing,

minutes, know the lames livid, they ain't with it,

max pain to their brains, aim the flame with precision,

most stay the same but they claim that they're different,

caught up in the stream that's mainly tainted never listen,

truer never been spoken, but this sober flowing spokesman leaving all out in the open,

no specific verses word salad with the rap flow,

spit great then dictate the shit like I'm Castro,

fate uncertain, stayed up rhyme saying til he heard the birds chirping,

word surge to burn fools who need to join the circus,

bayce face minions deployed to her surface,

the mad villain stab killing niggas with the brain,

shame, he sees that they strain for the fame



this rad writer get the fads dying rapid,

placid guy, sly rapper fly dapper, pass by crackers,

you chapped lips dry, pry classics from this grime pastor,

ki blasting, rhyme captain, try n catch em,

lyrics tad explicit, mad different, with a patch of sickness,

sad niggas is cuz the lad shittin hits,

cut the sugarcoating,

you know who the dopest,

hold the most potent potion,

in his dome, in his home,

flow spacious,

good gracious,

bayce baby, slay n spaying cats,

spray away the wack,

decay lames, fiends play it back,

caught a jawn from wonge,

spawned crack from his palms,

all flack is in ya songs,

falling flat niggas gone, call

ems, cuz the see the bestest presence,

what a present for the peasants,

jealous pestered by his messages,

can't assess the pest, who fester nothin less than ill,

render checks, rep the set, learn to accept his skills,

gone viral on the cyber with his cyphers,

nicest, midas minded, iris blinding brightest plight to fight with,

die to vibe biters, sights higher than the solar,

never eye to eye, temps went from high to polar,

calm conscious conning dudes,

tunes doom for you,

platoon of coons, spew ghoulish grooves on you doo doo tools,

got fools cooling in the tombs,

blue faced,

stupid you, basic taste, he the new Jason,

of this rap feel the wrath,

they dashing to the chapel,

rattle tabernacles, splatter masses mad cackles and laughter,

super villainy,

kill the simple no sympathy,

biggest sinner lyrically,

fill spirits with misery

son of god sog, hit the knees when you see him,

the brothers odd, flawed, but to people he seem decent,

wicked brain, flipping flame,

cane filled writtens,

wit spilling, shift the wins, slick splitting victims,
Track Name: Tatu

folding to the vices,

scolding bros for the hoes,

she off the clothes, she knows,

he's dope, spittin coke, no float,

stroll with the lakes,

waving no to the fakes,

slow motion the days be going,

when I'm getting no play,

but aye,

it's all gravy,

fresh grave for you

flow spanking,

no evading, blaze ya brain to this, equip the flame,

sway away from dung,

replay his play with the punches,

drum munching, stun ya function,

encased layered in tungsten,

funk is never flunking,

spunky with the word chops and,

verb popping,

purge hot shit,

flirting bops in,

for the cock to jock,

they flocking since he hopping in they eyes,

drop em after topping him don't even say bye


priorities criss crossed,

the shits awful,

blue skies, as I cruise and ride,

sandpaper and tree bark particles,

isolated from the bros who weed spark,

flow is deep, I see sharks,

creeping on the beat, start to peep

the peeps are sleep aww shit,

I ain't shit yet,

fuck it im bumping dipset,

niggas living for the web tryna cop six legs extra,

im hearing no progression, prolly need an intervention,

sound lazy, frowning jaded cuz im feeling stagnant,

some days I contemplate actions and plans to meet Casper,

but when I'm ghosting, it's permanent not for pertinence,

It'll rain make it the greyest day for my service,

and I'm, not joking, just leave me to be emo,

10 minutes give me the beat I'll treat it like debo,

or Tom Lister on a Friday, underneath a highway,

hearing cars go by, aye, leave me alone

50 winters

dark days in your soon future,

trust your doom is gruesome,

I peep the fools lucid,

cams jams prolly the most rancid ever,

sequence the letters to commence a stanza ransom letter,

double I and myself came to fry like fish skillets,

drip illest spit, rip niggas for the skrilla,

quit the jig is up, cease the false flexing,

lost respect for you and your set since you talked reckless,

do this in my sleep, so I floss resting,

ya posse hurt since you rocking skirts and cross dressing,

the kid is calm but when he write an ember is ignited,

finishing scribing drop a snippet got his listeners excited,

mind icy intentions frigid as 50 winters,

always coat dope in his rap like what a hippie hitting,

so slick he can get a chick to equip his stick,

with a simple script the gimps limping super to quick to dip,

Track Name: 2AM

First Verse:

shitting the hits and now these niggas acting pissy,

fear stricken rooks shook cuz i keep it 50 and 50,

no less, bold with it, you niggas stinky as cold spinach,

prolific in gold scripts kid gifted as christmas,

spit it similar to temperatures of demon fevers,

no fatigue he lead with, bitties greedy for the semen, Jesus,

relieve himself to the vices,

keep distance from fishy niggas like they the sign of Pisces,

scribe nightly jot Tyson lines,

psyche quite nice he rhyme typing pine needle type writings,

high likely off life's leaf, no ganja,

flow proper, sharp as whole shards of old bottles,

that a bum prolly sipping out of,


can't touch em, display great sentence conducting,

abrupt eruptions of the substance that'll off wackness,

sick im coughing til im in a coffin, or im crispy ashes,



got a thousand crimes to my name but I'm free though,

looking from a far at these rap niggas I see joes,

fondling mediocrity, my shit rocking, breeze past em ya whips knocking, it's obvious nobody's topping me

Second Verse:

the world frigid and my veins froze,

ain't a saint tryna rake cake til the bank blow,

bayce deep as six craters, bitter flavor niggas tasting cuz we chase pesos in great payloads,

no games played like the controllers broken,

cloaked in a hoody grey as my days mostly,

cash rules you cashews if in denial,

regardless I hit a smile, spit a mile of gritty wild witty vile inscriptions engraved in an E-Pad,

in order to make sure A B C im not a D-Bag,

re-upping the bucks to adjust his comfort,

dumping something pungent, connect the punches to suckers,

who was saying that he ain't g.o.a.t.

turning new lames to prey,

ain't doing it for fame, quickest way to fade away,

like dirk nowitski jumpers, uno the number is the brother like no other,

Track Name: Crown

she been down for me,

I need to treat her like a queen

and get a crown for her,

but I've been drowning in self pity it's pitiful,

she comes around and the stress becomes minimal,

thank god for you, and your presence yes I truly mean it,

and I'm doing my best to prevent you from leaving,

it's a cold world out there im scared to face it alone,

so bare with me and come and beseat yourself on a throne,

we can conquer the world, I need some assistance,

and even when I'm mad I hate that we become distant,

I hate that I start shit, it's hard but I'm tryna swallow my pride,

in hopes that you'll still love me and save the tears for the times,

when it's appropriate, I promise Not to be spiteful,

I swear to god that I'll treat you right put my palm on the bible,

so focused on other shit that's not as half as important,

my aim for greatness is crazy, priorities passed distorted,

I've been a bit harsh lately,

but to this day, I'd never betray you im still faithful,

and if I'm lucky you'll walk the aisle in a white gown,

it's amazing how most of my days I smile now,

need to improve on reciprocating the feelings back,

you're beautiful and caring, that's a steal in fact,

most women mad cuz they don't have what we got,

it's special and I see now,

God forbid we broke up nobody would be a rebound,

i promise


and I vow to do whatever it takes for me to keep you,

tell you everything don't hold back, become see through,

to the point that you know me better,

I can't wait til we grow old and settle
Track Name: Yoda

I got the plot ready,

rock steady,

tryna cop fetti,

will not settle,

hot as the kettle pot,

top notch, I'll flock to where the guaps heavy,

can't stop me, your brakes locked,

stay in a safe spot,

you niggas boring got me stone kicking,

spitting bout a thrift shop,

keep it grimy as the shit living in a piss pot,

got me laughing most of these rappers like Chris Rock,

only kid with ripped vans rocking the most sick socks,

up late night writing feeling drowsy,

irate quite, fate might not make it, frowning,

reality is bittersweet,

I split the beat while niggas lit the keef,

and hit the streets,

deep in the screen, chronic headaches I should take a break, but I'm chasing greatness,

shout out to my one and only bae staying faithful,

bumping jadakiss for inspiration,

ya shit is sweet as maple,

I'm anxious to make it ancient,

Verse 2

sinning with the synths,

telling God that I'll cease it,

but I can't so it's a broken promise,

get you a coat of armor,

you parched for the buzz,

til I come thru,

put em on hush, kick slick shit like Kung Fu,

black belt with the raps, melt crack to be felt through cracks of the twelves,

fucking with the pulse of hearts,

ya shit reeking like you spoke in farts,

swift cuts when it's done toss dirt on the open scar,

flow could start a F5, no fucks for the next guy,

sensing tremors when I step by,

tryna make them checks fly,

like Air Force one not the shoes bro,

doomed is your crew so,

the nooses just for you though,

hang ten since the wave is gnarly,

crazy as gnarls Barkley,

now he's cee-lo tryna keep it on the d-low

don't seek a sequel

for ya weak favorites,

this shit take 80 weeks to savor, nigga
Track Name: Centipede (Feat. Wonge and ROBBIE)
Centipede feat Wonge and Robbie

when the pen stream ends get in a forensics team,

shine with the rhymes longer than a mega centipede,

friend of fiends, never clean with the script,

spit keys for the zip, ease with the shit,

got more lyrics than community service hours,

use the words to burst a surge of verbs full of power,

emcees sweet when he speak quickly turn sour,

mad cuz the shit is thick as unchurned chowder,

I say no to eloping with hoes ovaries,

only cuz I know they come and go like the ocean breeze,

he flow ferocious as the open sea,

low on talking moving slow, in the mode of G's,

when he grip the beat, light a candle or a spliff,

ripping slick and swift, vicious, whipping hits,

they mutter he the best never flustered or studder stepping,

only coming for the bucks, brother cut a check then,


Track Name: Dens/Topaz

not tryna be a conscious rapper,

just wanna get the commas racking with my knocking racket,

brought the ruckus, tough cats turn to kittens,

I could kill them with a rough drafts that I've written

always sober cuz my dome is sacred,

rope around the necks of rappers since they've known the flow tenacious,

my radius vacant from complacency,

my avg. is A you C

which means you mediocre,

don't touch like heated folgers,

he's the most rancid rapid quick to splat your clique and craft the spit to grab your chick, nigga you'll get you'll get your rations gripped

passionate with rapping shit is madness when he hear the beat,

they fear defeat its imminent,

strapped with a spear you'll meet demise when I arrive,

you're like 9 drive bys at five guys, blind and crash, a tragedy,

mass catastrophe, while you passing trees im classic breeding

keep your cheap flask you'll need it,

dripping villainous literature,

can you get the picture,

damage critical, cams shit pitiful?

na never that (4x)

been hungry son my stomach rumbling,

come and get your lungs punctured,

the odor pungent from the corpse who left the motor running,

rupture structures when my foot passes the door border,

poor in acting cordial, my nigga your act is spoiled,

foil plans, damn get a fresher gimmick, or mimick this the grit that's been missing,

getting digits from the chicks and shit they dig the kid,

like the cast of holes, tell your pastor to give up cash or pass the gold

lines go over heads like it's tired of being under words,

consumption of the herb not ever once done but never heard,

a guru dope as 36 coke trails, with no coat tailing,

your boasting failing in being sick, You carry ailments,

left with mic right to chest like the pledge of allegiance,

on a quest of eating, ants bow when I bless the cement,

slaving for gold chains like we made no progression,

we ain't since the Caucasian still bold with weapons,



I miss being a child and acting wild with the homies,

as I get older my days grayscale im more lonesome,

plumped on the carpet, write a bar prolly trash it,

I blame some of the things in my life on my fathers absence,

moms job ain't doing much, my pipe dreams look impossible,

constantly hopping obstacles, tryna expand my options dude,

pressure to do well so much that I'm losing it,

don't ask me bout a new track soon, I'm cooling,

stitching different sounds together hoping it'll come out better,

my amount of cheddar is in the red so I neglect my debit,

my peers ain't hearing the pain,

they just tryna get a feel if it bangs,

then it's cool, if not, shit out their system,

like they don't really listen,

my patience thin as shit, so my actions quick and dismissive

my lady saying wait your time will make it's way,

doesn't seem so so it's safe to say


why try (x2)

all the time im thinking

why try (x2)

*repeat again*

I put emotion into what I write,

trying out of spite to shine,

bright as heavens lights,

my mind roam into the darkest places, out in public shit is awkward in some cases,

gift and a curse it's like a love for hatred,

got people always asking cam when's your next show,

they flexed and never came I had to let go,

time is all I got so if you wasting mine,

I might catch a case cuz I cannot afford to play with you,

promise I got things to do

all the people that I know are always blowing herb wow,

connections caught turbulence since I convert it to words now,

so I'm absent of their acts that they're avid of,

I'd rather rap than pass and burn, shit I know I'll catch an earning,

sticking to this notepad,

style of dressing is low class,

locals know I'm so rad,

dropping gems spitting topaz,

chips for the betting putting it on the line,

even if I might not get by

but contemplating

why try(hook)
Track Name: Guerrilla (Feat. Koncept Jack$on)
I'm just tryna conquer and prosper, get fetti and make vacation an option for momma,

and downsize stress, using music as my only outlet,

not for me the south is, as soon as possible bet im out this,

found a way to write shit out and quit the pouting,

so my mountain of topics flowing more than a fucking fountain,

niggas really living for the web, it's crazy,

you can equip the likes im tryna get the paper,

my only escape is four blue walls where I lay at,

same place I play playstation and create tracks,

no reliance to confide in another human,

I'm stating my mind don't ask me what the fuck im doing,

or saying, I don't do this enough,

as of lately my days have gone from smoothly to rough,

and we been the aces proving that your crew isn't tough,

living in these white hoods like we ku to the klux,


living on edge hope I see another two four,

I been doing me and staying true but that ain't cool though,

to the masses, so my middle finger lingering,

repenting sins, feeling like the highest isn't listening,

(Koncept Jack$on)

Track Name: Ravens (Feat. Blue November) [Bonus Track]
[Verse 1: Cameron Butler]
Bass hitting like a single, ump calling it safe, mauling and sawing beats for the green to haul to the bank,
Super raunchy his rank,
Since he scoffing they stalk em,
And quickly offing the stakes,
Nigga we taking, no saving shit if you offering plates,

It's thanksgiving on a daily,
Breaking the space in the savings,
My pain is raising the ratings,
Now they play me like they tried me,
Sublime the rhymes to acquire,
See buyers high on the lines that he scribe at night if the timings green

Nigga, I never needed gas for the drive I got,
You wilding if denying him, they'll reply that this guy is hot,
You the type to lie about grinding sitting the side and watch
Adopt a wave to ride, when it dies, you back to the sighs and plot,

Got a lot of clock to rock til I'm in a box,
Rotting from the sins I flocked, spot em squating with cinder blocks,
Squad letters on my chest where my soul is at,
Bros know the goal is to roll in the dough and poach the rats

[Hook: Cameron Butler]
Through the clouds I go,
Never seeing the ground,
With a breeze we arouse,
You eat defeat by the pound,
Yeah, in the system next to the Martians,
Finessing through the stressing, fetching to end the garbage, (4x)

[Verse 2: Blue November]
End the garbage, target weak shit
Spark a flame hotter than mother Teresa's cleavage
It seems like, niggas hugging up and never fist fight
Talking all that extra shit
But stopping at the green light

Fuck it run it prices on our head
It's nothing spiteful,
Waiting till we make the moves you niggas is disciples
Despise fools who's hands
Full of shit we make em rivals, the rifle
Loaded with bullets covered in tribal

Even with a idle mind the bible couldn't fuck with mine
Lost cause should've let me die the doctor did y'all wrong
Here to break hearts and serve lessons
They tried to hang me like a necklace
Cause the tongue is like a lethal weapon

Tryna kill my people with an AK-4
We just tryna reason nigga what's the AK-4?
Chasing steez and pussy nigga what's the end game though?
Lost in the sauce that the fucking rich man po'd


[Verse 3: Cameron Butler]
Lot of niggas want attention but I yearn the paper,
Test and you'll get hurt the bets are gone on you resurfacing later,
Bout it bout it I could prolly pass as Percy's son,
No man on this earth is as earnest as this worthy one,

Through demand of God he picked this man to sabotage,
Plan to botch your clan could not stand us, sly as a standard fox
Ran the spot and damaged, operation demolition shit,
Gimps get a glimpse of the missions, ripping militias bitch

Blank flags moving rapid now,
This is crack for the rap addicts so blast it loud,
Got the power to grab a town,
Grasping crowns to thrash a clown
Bask in a frown, you on a fast track to drown,

The waves getting bigger,
Lames aim to split,
Slaying games, erasing the traces of the sega tip,
Listeners are avid of us bastard ravenous savages,
Lack in slacking distractions I slash em to stack the cabbages