Dark Days

by Cameron Butler

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This is my third album titled "Dark Days". Enjoy.


released March 3, 2016

I thank God and everyone involved in this.

Track 5 contains a feature from Wonge
Track 8 features Mutant Academy's Henny L.O. and Fly Anakin
Track 9 is produced by Wonge
Mixed and Mastered by Cameron Butler
Recorded at Cameron's house in Concord, North Carolina




Cameron Butler Concord, North Carolina

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Track Name: Guile

My emotions serve as potions to defend against my enemies,
Bench pressing pressure til I'm sweating stress heavily,
Lift the weight and spit away a million thoughts,
Bayce resilience serious, battalions lost,

when tryna face us, we erased them from history,
sitting squeamish teams are leaving easy that is bliss to me,
niggas thinking they fire barely could light a match,
you minors wack, when we strike you won't be quite intact

Prolly hell bound with the witchcraft I ponder,
dreams of getting rich, trips to six flags and wander,
prostrating tryna state my oscillating mood,
eyes open peeping, nope I will not be made the fool

Serving serpents wreck, hurt em til they've earned a death,
rehearsing lurking, til it's time to converge a threat,
Let the checks hit his savings he'll be sleeping better
To be best, he investing to increase his efforts

so many are one sided no surprise they colliding,
he just spray the rhymes to convey a reminder,
it takes more than an image to be nice with it,
never all hype, it's false vibes so you might diminish

quite quicker than the average one hit,
couldn't read his lyrics if you did you'd get your gums split,
still sonning all dunce cliques,
only chasing fame ashamed knowing they can't run shit,

For a while, his girl made him forge a smile,
ya style worth a quarter, wild he's all sorts of raw and vile,
morally wicked, orally sickest, admit it,
quit bullshitting, you say you winning you kidding,

rap game packed with fat crap piles of fiction,
pressed play to listen bout had a mild conniption,
how you manage to spread rubbish over kick drums,
The shit dumb, a ton of skills go get some
Track Name: Havens

searching for a clone to hurt
Time for me to go to work,
show his worth,
They soon learn that they owe him purse,
Michael kors cash,
Cut a Versace check,
It's best to protect ya neck
Cuz ya posse's next,

push the board when the boredom get to hoarding him,
he cord slim, assorted phlegm forming, was born sick,
Swordsman with it, lord of spitting, bow down,
crown to clouds, proud and bound to gain copious pounds of clout,

been addicted to the diction, never missing terms to grab,
purpose is to hurt em bad, churning burns to purge and laugh,
Comedy Central be the acts of these guys,
he breed stings for em, flow sweet as what bees hide

pacing til the thoughts hit the brakes,
cough then equip a plate, niggas finna get the cake,
hot as the cup of JavaScript logo,
if equipped with the power I would drop shit, and skip the promo,

Spitters fishing for the buzz,
but I'd rather not,
only give em glimpses of the pictures of the plans I plot,
they bland, I yawn and skip their tracks within seconds,
main mission is to shit on niggas and get the check in,

fame is lame if it ain't raking in the change,
been a hoarder of the flame, erase the borders of my range,
no quarters for this game, shit is morbid and the waters murky,
say thanks for giving like i came and slaughtered turkeys,

snakes up in the green,
they'll leave the knife in your back,
they get a gripe when you claiming that you nice with the raps,
self esteem to the pavement, I give em steam til the grave,
drip riddles for residuals, won't be chained and slaving,

niggas hip, Bayce ain't basic,
tenacious with the pacing and the shit that fill the spaces,
dang, Jane thank us cuz we in no relation to anus,
we the aces, staying in ya havens is safest
Track Name: Palette

First Verse

you know shit is getting real when ya feelings in a tomb,
and part of you wishing you was never squeezed from the womb,
keep my feet on the pavement and my eyes to the moon,
can't let em see me weak so I'm disguising the mood,

but, fuck pretending, i need no pity just rest and,
not having what you want turned out to be the shittiest lesson,
I've learned, in a long time cuz school ain't doing shit for me,
falling and fading, shit is clear, I had to trip to see,

it's crazy cuz my body's running differently,
crash on the mattress,
my nigga I'm never missing sleep,
I stare at these photos where I was smiling and sigh,
I'm aware and low my depression mileage is high,

I take my time when I cry and there's no shame in admitting,
I'm seeing snakes I despise them and stay away from these niggas
take my palette of pain and paint you a picture,
of how it's been lately for me, these the days that I'm living

Second Verse

felt a ventricle crack when I shattered your heart,
self loathing sessions with myself and mad we're apart,
Word to god this the worst decision to date to me,
reminiscing at Frank liske under shaded trees,

I ain't sign up for the nightmares I'm haunted by,
being tormented and taunted with these raunchy vibes,
instead of focusing on what needed to be fixed,
I picked fights rather than poaching my pride to agree to shit,

Swear to god if granted a chance I'll change my ways,
been so sad, so inside is where I stay
cuz I'm missing my lady, going crazy maybe,
the anguish is great to take in, impossible to evade it,

Considering the idea that the timing isn't right now,
the brightest days without thou makes me conjure a slight frown,
it's okay though…
Track Name: XP (Feat. Wonge)

First Verse

Subtract lust
attract the love,
All raps will blast ya sound like he contracted a bug,
last days, we can pass away at any time,
loyalty never spoiled b, won't drop heavy dimes,

true to the crew who helped me brew this up,
missed the kiss of death, took a left and moved the hustle,
put it in hyper drive, when the night sky arrives, I'm alive,
less color during the days it's grey so I write inside,

when the moon comes, you're soon done,
the rude one with smooth puns intrude doom to turn you blue son,
Realize that life cruises with the sun
ups and downs, tough and sound, gloomy and fun

Never pressing for checks, the labor pays with no delay,
this is crazy game, make it known you're cold to play,
in the fray, roll with mates til we own the prey,
corrode and blaze, exposing lames, dispose the hate

Second Verse


Third Verse

You ever met humans who are sheep,
lost souls at cross roads, can't choose what views to keep,
Indecisive in the mind, gotta hope the best,
take the idols from the eyes, reply from the open chest

once was in this position, following hype,
but it's wack so I stepped back though the dollars is nice,
swallow pride when I scribe, pen flow through the veins,
true confession and aggression with no emotional strain,

For mom's mom still grieving but deceiving the outside,
got the clout high so easily doubt dies,
til a corpse of course I'm reporting to the duties,
nudging the dummies judging who should budget the foolery,

Lunge for greatness, may stumble from mistakes made,
been hungry, stomach rumbles for amazing steak,
stakes been raised, pray for those who chasing fame,
Your brand is bland this is grand, came to erase the plain
Track Name: Glory

You don't wanna catch a fade,
Or get smacked or slapped so you better back away,
cuz I'm bound to snap a prick in half with the current mood I'm in,
turn ya group blue, coming through on my rudest shit

First Verse
I been feeling like the only tryna make it out,
putting time in with the rhymes and channeling the hate and doubt,
towards a banger for the highest I do thank him for this gift,
all this anger got em anxious contemplating plans to quit,

been the man my nigga, shifting all my wrongs to get the bucks,
understand, this nigga shitting hits just to get some lunch,
and a crib for his momma with a life free of stress,
now the peers near him fear and say he might be the best,

As for my pops, I forgive him for the hurt he was causing me,
Cuz now his kid is offing beats, peep the people applauding, see
the likelihood of crossing him and surviving is minuscule,
applying his psyche often while writing lighting clips in dudes,

dismissing lies and guys who ride them, the listeners missing truth,
my niggas arriving with me, with the quickness we'll rip ya troops,
middle finger up saying fuck buddies and skip the truce,
Enough of the bluffing, equip the check and we dipping, deuce

You don't wanna catch a fade,
Or get smacked or slapped so you better back away,
cuz I'm bound to snap a prick in half with the current mood I'm in,
turn ya group blue, coming through on my rudest shit (x2)

Second Verse
Clean I be dolo word to Odom,
pure gold up in his scrolls, so the hoes approaching the scrotum,
but the focus sharp as sacks of tacks, attacking him is suicide,
the fate of ya crew you decide,

Vacate the throne or we take it,
and you go missing,
prolific most sickest, tripping never and no slipping,
The foes pissed and know the L is imminent,
Vindictive the script pain inflicting as sniffing cinnamon

bitches who skipped him bitter since the wins is rolling in,
got my bros patrolling for those who eloping with the phoniness
itching for the glory now,
a deal? At least forty thousand,
most corny is the loudest,
no cheddar assume im outtie,

I gotta feed the fam so the fetti is the motive,
it is destiny i wreck before rest in peace and blow up,
like these clowns and buffoons who tunes is doomed balloons,
soon, croons will bloom cuz the doing of the cruelest coon,

(Hook x4)
Track Name: Insane

stuck in my ways six feet deep,
I need sleep, better yet a week
to clear the clutter from my brain,
i think I'm going insane,
I think I'm going insane,

First Verse
structure built for destruction,
with my feelings i heal me, turning nothing into something,
3 brothers but feeling ever so isolated,
I seek love and to feed and breed my elations,

reject and neglect the things causing harm,
elect him as an exception when he's flaunting charm,
best name to equate his ways, a crooked saint,
vacated after hatred slain, even shook the snakes,

stay away from the player who doesn't dwell in games,
fading the lames they dissipate once hella shame,
is thrown in their direction, expecting the praise but nah,
expressing statements to tame the train of rubbish and garb,

slipped into the ears of peers and now they can't deny him,
intrude inside diluted minds with smooth groovy rhyming,
move in silence, eluding time, my crews the finest,
pursuing shine to the moon I blew the platoon of tyrants


Second Verse

not for a minute will I ever be placed in second,
he could take a sentence break it and create a weapon,
audio clips for the hunger of a music lover,
when writing I visualize and describe the mood as colors,

the vibe is sepia, with Wonge on the drums,
Solemn somber dialogue, a song for the ones,
whose happiness evades the soul when most desired,
but the kind of tune that can ignite ferocious fires,

forging smiles in the presence of a liar,
exploring their distorted sight unimpressed in the slightest,
cuz at the sight of truth, departure is the route they seek,
so when I light the booth with art, I watch the losers weep,

all it took was honesty to quake the soul,
they fall and ponder don't hesitate to embrace the gold
scripted by the Gemini feminist, do commend the guy,
get the tensions high for offenders the end is nigh

Hook (3x)
Track Name: Stone

check his rhetoric,
evident it's heaven-sent,
epic ever since the beginning of meddling with the sentences,
death grip ya set, ripped and swept ya chick,
oddest monologue,
stone scripted chronicles,
bros is a problem too, doom apostle, possum dudes intolerant
for paper got a chronic itch,
replace them niggas garbage kid,
get rocked on ya property for improperly approaching,
you can stop and quit the boasting,
moderately gross and spit the slobber over dope shit,
sonics hit, the lava dripping godly with the vocals,
dodging coppers cop a slot as hottest to the locals,
popping got the block hopping cuz the product soulful,
ya momma gobbled a throat full,
going crazy, hoes chase em cuz the steelo,
she peep the steez so he stroke but keep it on the d-low,

welcome to the class spitting Coke lines,
scoping hoes to elope, she so fine,
when it's crunch time, best that's he bust rhymes,
left em in the dust, at night, he reckless til the sun shine

second verse
never move with a rush,
losers using a crutch,
cuz they're booing their stuff,
I just, keep calm and rap,
embalm a track and pardon wack,
his art in fact is purely artifacts,
script the hardest crack,

jealous fellas seldom zealous of his craft,
embellishing to masses, we relish in the cashes,
swell melons with the thrashing,
pelting niggas backs, shit quick to melt the plastics,
expel em to the trash bin,

all dapper, y'all slacking, walking backwards,
niggas see you need attention, but you breed the weakest penmanship,
they try and harm him with the shade,
so he charge and give em fades, cam commanding such a sergeant to the game,
where's ya heart at if you tryna barter trades,
he's guarded, from the marytrs parted ways,
hard to say, he's an artist in a phase,
got a part to play, could bark and prolly spark a flame
cruelest with the arson mane